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Ways to Earn Extra Income Without Working

Money is of course not the most important thing in life, but sometimes it helps open up doors of possibility especially when you like to go places and enjoy life from time to time. Having extra income is never a bad thing. It might mean a small extra trip somewhere to reward yourself or broaden your life experience. It also mean more financial security since we all know that we should have more than only one source of income.

There are so many ways to earn extra income. In this article, we will start with 5 easiest ways ever to earn it without having to do real work. They are definitely doable for just everyone!

1.Rent out your place/ spare room on websites

This way of earning extra cash is possible when you have your own place. Simply check these websites out and sign up to start making your advertisement.



These two popular sites let you rent out your home, vacation home or apartment.

– Homestay: Offers “host is present” rentals, which means you have to be there as a local host for travelers.

– TheHitch: Rent out your property as a wedding venue.

– Evenues: Rent out your loft or meeting space for events.

– Venuelust: Rent out your home or property for parties and weddings.

– Glamping: Rent out your land for people to camp on.

TripAdvisor: if you are a TripAdvisor user, it’s handy to place your advertisement here as well.

Nowadays, renting a place and room from these platforms is becoming a more popular choice among travelers who want to avoid paying high prices for hotel rooms. This allows you to earn some income even when you are away or get the most out of your empty properties. For the site like Homestay, make sure you are a friendly host and enjoy to company and help travelers out with useful information about your city. Now you can make more friends from different places in the world as well. How lovely!

2.Rent out your stuffs

Similar to the first method, this way is also to make money from stuffs you own but not always occupied. You can rent out your car, bike, camera equipments, parking spots and more. This surely is better than having them just sitting around in case you don’t mind other people using your things. Check these websites to see how to do it, and don’t forget to check their Terms & Conditions, and Insurance Policy.




– GetaroundOnly available in the San Francisco area, Portland, and Washington D.C.

Other countries

– Drivy (France)

– Mitfahren (Germany)

– DriveMyCar (Australia)


– CyclingBoom

– Spinlister

– Spokefly

Camera equipments

– Cameralends

Parking spots

– Spot

3.Lecture/ perform your specialty

If you have any special talent or extremely good at doing something, you can advertise yourself on the online community/ job platforms offering classes/ workshops, or performance of your talent. Singing, playing music instruments, offering cooking (specific cuisine) or language class are good example. This might sound almost like working, but if considering how much you have fun doing these things. It’s actually more like sharpening your skills. From my own experience when I lived in China, I used to offer my native language class for Chinese people who were interested, or even a Traveling Class (teaching useful phrases for traveling) and made really good money. Since these classes only need my existing skills, it was very easy and felt more like hanging out and having conversation rather than working.

4.Garage/ flea market sale

This is a win-win situation. You get a chance to earn extra income as well as to declutter! Get rid of the things you don’t need and make more space for the things that matter. Sort out your clothes, shoes, tools, whatever that need to go and would be more useful for other people. Join the local community market or hold the sale at your own garage. Declutter your space and mind and welcome more cash in your wallet, not bad!

5.Make videos/ vlogs/ reviews

If you love making videos to put on your own YouTube channel, and you’re confident to produce awesome content that would offer value for viewers. For example, travel vlogs, tutorials, product or service reviews. These would improve your video recording and editing skills as well as giving people useful information. Don’t forget to set up to allow YouTube to place advertisements in the beginning of your videos, so that you can earn some extra income when viewers watch them or even more when they click on the ads. After all, make sure your videos are interesting and you maybe have a chance to earn more from having more viewers.

What do you think about these ways to earn extra income? Feel free to share your experience or add more by leaving us a comment.

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