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Get in Touch with Nature in Hong Kong, MacLehose Hiking Trails

When thinking of Hong Kong, usually the images popped up in mind are its impressive skyscrapers, modern city life, business districts or luxury dining. However, Hong Kong has so much more to offer and waiting for you to explore. Get a bit outside of the city for the completely different scenes of small villages and relaxing lifestyle. Nature is well-preserved in Hong Kong and this is why it is also a perfect place for hiking. In this blog post, we will explore together one of the ‘World’s Best Hikes: Dream Trails’ rated by National Geographic, MacLehose Trail.

Our First MacLehose Trail Hike: Stage 2, Pak Tam Au – Ham Tin / Tai Wan Beaches.

The journey begins when you get off Choi Hung metro station, exit C1. Turn to the right and look around, the bus stops cannot be missed. Hop on bus number 92 or green minibus 1A, and ride until the end of the line (Sai Kung bus terminal). From here, swap to either bus number 94 or 96r to the beginning of the trail, Pak Tam Au (you might need help from the bus driver to tell you when the bus arrives this point), the trail starts from the opposite side of the bus stop. The hike takes around 1.5-2 hours to end up at Ham Tin Beach. There are a few restaurants here where you can arrange a speed boat back to Sai Kung Pier (next to bus terminal) if you don’t want to hike the whole way back. The last boat is at 6pm, otherwise, rent a tent or bring your own and stay here over night.

From Ham Tin, you can also do another 10-minute hike to Tai Wan Beach. Be noted that there is no shop, neither restaurant or shade here. Despite this fact, we prefer this beach as there are less people and we think the scenery is more beautiful. The waves at this beach are also suitable for surfing, and camping here is just so amazing.

There are so many other different trails in Hong Kong, we will explore more next time and won’t forget to share.

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Have you ever hiked in Hong Kong? How was your experience, and what is your favorite trail? Let us know by leaving us a comment.