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Hong Kong’s MacLehose Hiking Trail, Part 2

In the last blog post, we had explored half of MacLehose Trail, Stage 2 (Pak Tam Au – Ham Tin / Tai Wan beaches). As we could not get enough of hiking this beautiful track, we decided to continue the other half as well. In this blog post, complete this one of the ‘World’s Best Hikes: Dream Trails’ rated by National Geographic together with us. We promise this one is getting even better.

Our Second MacLehose Trail Hike: Stage 2, Long Ke Wan – Ham Tin / Tai Wan Beaches.

Start the journey from Choi Hung metro station, exit C1. Turn to the right and look for bus stops either number 92 or green minibus 1A. Ride until the end of the line (Sai Kung bus terminal). From here, take a green taxi to ‘East Dam of High Island Reservoir’ (taxi ride should cost around 130 HKD), then walk up to Long Ke Wan to start the hike. It takes around 20 minutes to reach Long Ke Wan beach where you can enjoy a fine, white-sand beach and swim in a calm bay with crystal-clear turquoise water. From this beach, the trail continues to Sai Wan, Ham Tin, and Tai Wan beaches. This trail takes around 3.5 hours, and it’s highly recommended to spare enough water (as there is a long distance without any shops in between) and be prepared for more hills and less shade especially if you hike in the middle of the day. The best is to start early in the morning to avoid getting sunburn.

This time we decided to camp on Tai Wan beach as we learned from our last visit that it’s much less crowded (in fact, there were only 2 tents on the entire beach when we camped here). We enjoyed our private beach in the morning (be noted about rip currents, take more care when you swim here) then hiked back to Ham Tin to catch a speed boat back to Sai Kung town.

The whole hike (our posts part 1 and 2 combined) is 13.5 km (around 5.5 hours). Therefore, if you want to complete it, there are two options: start early in the morning or break it into 2 days and camp on the beach at night. We enjoyed the hike very much and will surely try out more of the MacLehose trail and share our experience here.

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