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Start a Permaculture Project and Free Yourself

Permaculture is a holistic approach to live on our planet without leaving a negative impact on nature and take all aspects in consideration. The goal is to create a symbiosis between humans, animals and nature, a harmonious ecosystem which can provide us everything we need with a deeper understanding of the relations between all forms of life.


Since it was formed in mid 70’s of the last century, the concept of Permaculture represents a socialy more and more significant antagonist to the predominant industrial agriculture.
While the main sources of agricultural products supply our markets with genetically modified designerfoods, whose monocultural origin pollutes formerly nutritious ground and water,
the alternative draft of a more permanent agriculture utilizes principles of harmony and diversity, in order to develop self evolving biological habitats.



Basically the goal is to plan, set up and cultivate a long lasting ecosystem, feeding the consumers needs without harming our environment.

However, the idea which might be the only answer to over-cultivation, demolishment of natural resources and not to forget global warming as one of the biggest issues of our time, did not just appear out of nowhere. Facing the threats of nowadays harsh reality, the change of thinking is more of a renaissance of a profound attitude, ancient cultures all over the world once had in common.

I am talking about an attitude regarding nature as a precious gift, including all its aspects.

An attitude according to which human plays his cards referring to natures rules and sets his watch according to natures clockwork.

A human simply accepting that he is not meant to be trying to improve a system, which  is already perfect if created in the right way and has been running long before mankind left its’ first footprints on this planet.



The rememberance of this kind of fundamental statement towards nature now created a global movement, which represents the recurring conciousness of a society, which has been loosing track taking everythimg for granted. Framed by the lost and found ancient mindset, Permaculture started off combining traditional techniques with modern technologies and scientific knowledge, then came up with new ideas and possibilities. Today, nearly half century after the concept experienced its’ renaissance, it became the foundation of both, private attempts of creating a self sufficient living, as well as huge re-cultivation projects like the Loess-plateau in China, and environmentally friendly building projects like green village in Bali.



But to really make a change, it has to get attention on a larger scale. So not just for the sake of its benefits for health and well being, but also for its spiritual effects on our attitude towards our environment, including not just nature, but the you and me, it is on us to make sure the whole thing literally carries fruit. It is more or less time for us to take a step back to be two steps ahead in the final result.

It doesn’t matter if  you just have a small backyard, a big garden or a balcony to start up with, Permaculture is a great way to increase diversity while learning about nature, yourself and how everything is connected to each other.

Inform yourself, be inspired and inspire others to get to work.

Concluding with the words of Rumi:
– Earth turns to gold, in the hands of the wise.-




So what is your idea on Permaculture? Do you think it is worth it to try and live in harmony with nature and respect our planet or did you create already a permaculture garden? Leave us a comment and  feel free to add additional information.

Do you want to learn more about Permaculture and different projects all over the world?

Writen by: Julius Plaszczyk