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Thai Street Food, Delicious Sweets

Thailand is famous for its cuisine and the must-try street food which can be found throughout the country. When visiting Thailand, don’t forget to let loose and be opened to new eating experience, try the food street vendors have to offer. From deep-fried insects to delicate sweets, followings are something easy to start with and you don’t want to miss once traveling here.

Thai-Style Coconut and Vanilla Ice Cream

Beat Thailand’s summer heat and explore the ice cream mobile shop with us. The ice cream vendors usually wander around the cities (or towns), ringing their bells. Stop them and get your sweet threat. So, how to order like a pro? First, you got to choose the types of ice cream, usually coconut or vanilla, which will be scooped as tiny scoops and of course, you can have both! Choose your container; toasts, plastic cups or cones. Then, it comes to the toppings which are the choices of palm seeds, peanuts, sweet sticky rice, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce.

Check out our video to see how the actual ice cream vendor look like.

Sweet Sticky Rice in Bamboo

The sticky rice is cooked in bamboo. We love this idea of using natural, biodegradable container which gives the sticky rice the unique taste and scent. To prepare, the sticky rice is sweeten with coconut milk and put in the bamboo since dawn of each day, then burned in the evening. Usually you can find different types of seeds that give more flavors and textures to this sweet, such as poppy seed, black sesame, red bean, black sticky rice and more. Each of them has one flavor. This is the perfect grab-on-the-go, healthy, environmental-friendly and delicious snack for a picnic or road trip, or even as breakfast.

Check out our video about sweet sticky rice in bamboo.

Sugarcane Juice

To see sugarcane juice vendor is really interesting because the drink is fresh-pressed at the spot they sell it. Using the specific kind of pressing machine to get the juice, you can see that what you get is real and fresh. The juice itself is perfect for a hot day when your body needs (natural) sugar. The taste is great and it can be enjoyed both room-temperature or chilled.

Check out our video to see how they make sugarcane juice and how popular it is.

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